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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Do Colorado dogs really moo?

The pro-gay organization Born Different (BD) recently launched a campaign of billboards and TV spots that assert that 3% of the population is "born gay." The campaign is built around a mooing dog named Norman, who is different because, well, he moos ... and that is supposed to be analogous to those who are "born different" and are gay.

I don't know about anyone else, but the next mooing dog I see will be the first. It seems to me, that if you want to build a campaign around an icon such as a "mooing dog" that you'd actually want it to reinforce your message. But since mooing dogs don't exist, the effort actually counters the very point the BD folks are seeking to make.

Speaking of which, the site No Moo Lies offers a humorous counterpoint the nonsensical mooing dog effort. In this campaign, Sherman the dog reminds us that dogs, in actuality, only bark. The site also humorously counters other Born Different icons, such as two purportedly gay penguins that are put forth as further "born gay" evidence.

"Meet Roy and Silo ... two penguins living in Manhattan's Central Park Zoo. A few years back, they started spending a lot of time together — and became celebrities as Manhattan's 'most famous gay penguin couple.'

"Then something happened that messed it all up: Silo met Scrappy, a female penguin from California. Silo ditched Roy and built a nest with Scrappy. They've even started trying to have kids. It just goes to show: Penguins can change."

Be on the look out for the next phase in the BD campaign: Unicorns That Bark.

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  • ROFL. Born gay. That always cracks me up. Those same groups that believe that also believe in evolution. Well, clearly, for both animals and humans, if you were born gay during the heyday of evolution, how did you continue evolving? Are homosexuals considered "fittest"?

    By Anonymous Kevin, at 11:24 PM  

  • Bad, naughty, bad dog! Dogs that moo seem a bit deviant to me. What does it matter if little Norman cannot pass to future generations his vocal skills? Subscribing to the evolution hypothesis allows Norman to justify his naughty behavior. After all, it is not his fault; he was born that way. What is the alternative to evolution? …Naughty dog.

    By Anonymous steve, at 10:48 PM  

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