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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Who is even more tiresome than Bill Maher?

That would be his audience of drones, who sit in his studio each week and wait for the "clap now for liberalism" sign to light.

Given that, I am always surprised when anyone right of James Carville is willing to go on Maher's program. But Christopher Hitchens, author of Thomas Jefferson Author of America and writer for Vanity Fair, was not afraid. He not only went on Maher's show last weekend, but did something others who've had the misfortune of seeing parts of Maher's show have been wanting to do for years -- give his lefty loonies a single finger salute.

It also left Maher in a rarely seen position: speechless. Albeit only for a moment.

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  • I can't stand to watch Bill Maher but recently I caught him on FOX TV, believe it or not, and he said he has changed some of his views due to some of the Democrats' one-sidedness. Now I wonder, who is more one-sided than Bill Maher??

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:47 AM  

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