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Monday, August 20, 2007

Tab: What a beautiful drink

Remember Tab? Tab Cola? What a beautiful drink.

Back in the early 80s, you couldn't escape commercials for the original no calorie beverage in the pretty, tantalizing pink can. A few years ago, I made a passing wisecrack involving Tab to a co-worker, who promptly claimed he was sure the grocery store in his neighborhood still carried Tab.

"INCONCEIVABLE!" I exclaimed in Princess Bride like fashion. "I'll buy you lunch -- and pay you back for the 6-pack -- if you can produce a half dozen cans of Tab."

Sure enough, the next day, he came trotting in with a six-pack of the nasty stuff. Several years later, I still keep one of those full cans here on a shelf in my home office as a funny reminder.

So, how much will you give me to drink it? You think it was bad then ...
For beautiful people, my eye.

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