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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Censorship of Veggies being curbed at NBC

VeggieTales creator Phil Vischer reported through the media recently that NBC has cut back on its editing God out of VeggieTales episodes. And, oddly, with no explanation back to Phil. This is probably a good thing since their initial explanation on why the cuts took place in the first place was a lie.

As of now, the last 5 episodes submitted will air in 2007 the way they were originally written. For you Veggie fans, that will include classics such as Madame Blueberry and King George and the Ducky.

Word has it NBC received more than half-a-million emails about the VeggieTales edits.

This shift by NBC comes on the heels of choosing not to air a mock-crucifixion during a Madonna music special, after multiple Christian groups flooded NBC and its affiliates with calls and emails. It's a shame there aren't people in NBC leadership that don't "get it" on their very own.

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